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Quality Policy

Last updated: 10 November 2017



nuaxia’s core beliefs and processes ensure the highest quality when our Clients and Members engage with us and one another.  This Quality Policy is intended to inform and reassure you about our commitment to Quality.  Our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Security Policy apply to this Quality Policy, including any defined terms used herein.

nuaxia’s Core Beliefs and Processes


We put our Members First, at the heart of what we do, and develop Trusted Relationships with them.  We have ongoing investment in new activation and profiling to build our opted-in, validated Membership.  We provide our Members with learning, instant honoraria credit and fit into their lives through engagements that are short, focused and mobile first.  We don’t subcontract sample for healthcare professionals in our core markets and use trusted partners for Patients, Payors or other hard to reach groups.


Our technology is highly secure, redundant, with a distributed infrastructure optimised for service delivery and compliance.  It is built on top of the latest Big Data and AI solutions, utilising industry leading back- and front-end development frameworks. Our in-house development team is assisted by specialist third party consultants, which ensures agile development of fresh services with high quality infrastructure and system architecture.   Our database uses WHO, ICD10 and ISO coding, and our coding, release and data practices are all adherent to modern standards.  Data protection and the safeguarding of personal information is considered throughout all our systems.  Our surveys use digital fingerprinting to prevent duplicate completions and our best practice sampling and distribution procedures ensure random, representative data.


Our machine translation and transcription options are powered by machine learning and, when requested, our human translations and transcriptions are conducted by a specialist external agency with more than 500 medical translators and transcribers, trained in Adverse Events reporting and ISO 9001 certified quality controls.


nuaxia is a member of the BHBIA and complies with standards as laid out by The Insights Association and ESOMAR.  We follow all applicable laws, rules and regulatory requirements in the markets we operate in and conduct business in an ethical manner at all times.


All staff are responsible for quality control in accordance with our internal documentation around Standard Operating Procedures and our Code of Conduct, which are reviewed from time-to-time, at a minimum annually, and communicated across the organisation with all relevant parties.  Any subcontracted third parties are encouraged to co-operate with and adhere to our high standards.


Continuous improvement and innovation is fundamental to what we do.  Be it within our processes and procedures, developing efficiencies, new product development, or through our staff training and mentoring practices.  We care about the work we do and are proud of it.


Further Quality Questions


Further information may be available in the Client support centre. Any further questions or forms can only be addressed for Clients purchasing a subscription.

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