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nuaxia upgrades and opens access to its specialist video analysis capability

nuaxia, a healthcare information technology platform announces that it has significantly upgraded its proprietary technology platform.

In December 2018, nuaxia announced the launch of its third generation platform which leverages 7 AI engines to deliver its unique, behavioural science based analytics.

nuaxia has now completed a number of significant enhancements to improve the speed and scale by which its video data can be captured and analysed including:

  • Visualisation tool for summarising and analysing video data

  • Fast clip compilation tool

  • Self-serve admin function for clients

  • Enhanced blurring function

  • A slick new user interface

  • Re-engineered platform to a containerized system

  • “Chatbot 1.0” capability for multi-part video questioning

nuaxia is now offering this capability as a service that can be included within any market research survey.  This allows clients to access the benefits of the nuaxia platform whilst continuing to use their existing research and data collection providers.

Peter Chopra, nuaxia’s CEO comments:

“The market research industry has been struggling to properly leverage the value of video-based responses.  The key issue driving that is the huge amount of data that video provides. This problem is especially true for nuaxia’s clients as our approach goes beyond the words to measure emotional (system 1) responses too.  Leveraging our full service experience, we have created impactful and actionable client deliverables. Furthermore, we have significantly reduced the amount of analyst time required so that findings can be delivered at the speed of business.

We will continue to focus on innovative and forward-thinking leaders and projects where delivering holistic and reliable research is paramount.”

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