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nuaxia launches the third generation of its Technology Platform

nuaxia, a healthcare information technology platform announces that it has launched the third generation of its proprietary technology platform​.

nuaxia has made significant enhancements in five key areas:

First, the development of an enterprise level system for storing and managing video data.

Second, AI-powered analysis functionality to allow businesses to make fast, deep insight on visual information.

Third, an extended suite of behavioural economics capabilities including tone of voice and word sentiment analysis to add to its facial coding capability which was launched at the start of this year.

Fourth, a suite of reporting and collaboration tools to support the sharing and engagement in its video stories.

Fifth, the development of API functionality to allow for easy integration of information into and out of its technology platform.

nuaxia is now able to:

● Recruit respondents through its own HCP Membership and patients partnerships;

● Conduct both quantitative and qualitative video based research (both directly or

using third party interview data);

● Create customer story libraries; and

● Provide automated analysis and reporting on video and traditional research data

Peter Chopra, nuaxia’s CEO comments: “When we launched nuaxia, it was obvious that video based research would play a major role in how market research is conducted in the future. We, like the consumer video research specialists, have developed a full suite of video capture capabilities. However, no one seems to have properly realised the potential of this form of research yet. Our approach has been to focus on the analysis and reporting of visual data and our third generation platform has been developed to create an industry leading approach in this area. As the only healthcare focused video research specialist, our third generation platform not only enhances our capabilities on our existing services, it will also form the heart of a number of new specific service offerings in 2019.”

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