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nuaxia launches new Video Interviewing service

Thursday, 27 July 2017

nuaxia is an information technology platform serving the healthcare sector.

nuaxia announces today the launch of its new Video Interviewing service. The new service will allow clients to access not only its 1 million Members but also any other individual within its profiled database of 5.5 million healthcare professionals. The new service will complement its self-service, multi-media, micro survey service that was launched in January this year. nuaxia clients will now be able to use its platform to conduct both short video response surveys and longer video interviews.

"nuaxia has received very positive responses to its video capabilities and so we are delighted to be able to extend our video services. Video represents 74% of all Internet traffic and this is forecast to rise to around 90% in the next few years. 59% of executives would now rather watch a video than read text. We continue to see video gaining traction as the preferred medium for interaction and insights. Our video services are fast, cost-effective and fantastically impactful."


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